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Medical Practice Marketing Tips for Medical SEO Domination

December 7, 2012

How can you be sure you develop a website that does not contain a lot of messy code? Hand-coding is the most efficient way to be sure you develop a website that doesn’t have a lot of messy code. However, if you do not know how, or do not have time, then using Dreamweaver will cut down on extra code a great deal. Clean medical SEO code means as little code as possible. The less the spiders have to crawl through, the more content they find.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are needed after the initial set up, to further help optimize the readable content and the high-quality content. Important parts of the medical SEO, are keywords, meta tags, title, description and the keyword mega tags. The title and description tags are the most important. These tags should contain the primary keyword you are targeting for that page.

Image Tags and Header Images

Image tags are very important! Image searches are a great tool, you would be surprised how many people can find your site because of image searches. For spiders image tags are more important than end users. Image tags may also be called Alt. Tags. Alt. Tags should always include your primary keyword.

The Header image is also very important. The header image is the first thing the spiders hit when they crawl your site, so you should link your header image to your home page. Do no use just an empty image, this is a crucial tool to your site.

HTML Heading Tags

The HTML heading tags are another great way to optimize your content. There are three different kinds of HTML header tags, they are as follows: H1, H2, and H3. H1 tags are the most important of all the heading tag, therefore, heading should contain the the title or the heading of your page.The H2 and H3 tags are used for sub headings within your page. Primary keywords is what you will want to use in these tags. If you use heading tags, be sure you only use them one time per page. You will only want to use H1 tag on your page one time.

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